Corporate Social Responsibility at OCPL


Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of business processes at Odisha Coal and Power Limited.

The Company has been espousing highest standard of business ethics andimbibed the principles of “Giving Back” to society in its Corporate Governance practice.We are striving to achieve higher values for our shareholders, employees, and host communities. AS a responsible corporate citizen; the business ethics of the Company is guided by the philosophy of inclusive community development through meaningful socio-economic engagement. The Company has institutionalized CSR within its Governance structure. Our business operations focus on triple bottom linecreating social, environmental and economic value to the society. The Company has aligned its CSR initiatives with the Provisions U/s 135 of New Company Act, 2013 and its Schedule-VII, CSR Rules, 2014 as well as Periphery Development Guidelines issued by Government of Odisha in Revenue and Disaster Management Department in the year 2011. Our development intervention has covers Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by United Nations in the year, 2015. The Company has also been meticulously complying with the guidelines issued by Ministry of Forest and Environment (MoEF) with respect to CSR and Periphery Development while granting Stage-II Forest Clearances for Manoharpur Coal Mine.
OCPL believes that the Development intervention can brings desired changes. The Company has been continuously striving for integrated and comprehensive development of local communities. In its Journey towards achieving sustainable development;the company has been undertaking CSR activities in the project affected and periphery villages since inceptions of the Company in 2015. Besides, OCPL has been continuing the development intervention from where Odisha Power Generation Corporation (OPGC), the prior allottee of Manoharpur Coal Mine had left. OPGC implemented several development projects in the affected areas focussing on education, health, drinking water, infrastructure development and sports & culture.
The CSR intervention envisaged to fulfil the development needs of the local communities, and improve their standard of living through quality education, safe and potable drinking water, preventive and curative health care facilities, and livelihood opportunities. OCPL consider the local communities as stakeholders/partners in inclusive growth and proposes to share development benefits. The company has been following a participatory approach in planning and implementation of all development projects. The CSR intervention has brought a perceptible and qualitative change in the lives of local communities.

Core Principles:

1. “Give Back” to society
2. Inclusive growth of host community
3. Participatory and Bottom-Upapproach
4. Beyond compliance
5. Volunteering
6. Dovetailing and Partnership

Thrust Areas:

1. Education, ensuring reach and quality
2. Drinking Water, Availability, accessibility and Potable
3. Sanitation, promote Swachh Bharat Mission
4. Health Care, focussing on preventing and provide curative
5. Livelihood, entrepreneurial activities and income generation
7. Integrated development of local communities
8. Improve life standards and make the local community happy and prosperous
9. Opportunity for Participative & Sustainable Development Goals


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