Resettlement and Rehabilitation Processes Adopted By OCPL


Govt. of Odisha through IDCO, Bhubaneswar has acquired 1039.51 acres of private land in village Manoharpur, Ghumudasan, Dulinga, Kathaphali and Paramanandapur in the Hemgir Tahasil of Sundargarh District.Similarly, an area of 1040.94 acres of Government Land has been alienated and an area of 491 acres of Forest Land has been diverted for establishment of Manoharpur Coal Mine Project.Out of five villages, two villages namely Manoharpur and Ghumudasan are required to be relocated for operation of Manoharpur Coal Mine.Manoharpur village is located in the coal block area and thus needs to be displaced in the 1st phase and the village Ghumudasan located outside the coal block will be relocated in 2nd phase.

OCPL has adhered to the Orissa Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy, 2006 and its subsequent and amendments.The Rehabilitation-cum-Periphery Development Advisory committee (RPDAC) was constituted for the project. RPDAC has enabled the participation of displaced people and their elected representatives in implementation and monitoring of R&R package. All the decisions taken by RPDAC were followedscrupulously. In addition a Project lLevel Rehabilitation and Resettlement Committee (PLRRC) was constituted to monitor and Review the progress of implementation of R&R scheme.

Objectives of R&R processes adopted by OCPL

  • Implementation of Odisha R&R Policy, 2006 in letter and spirit
  • Provide R&R benefits at par with or better than the ORRP, 2006
  • Mitigation of R&R risks
  • Improved standard of living in post-displacement period
  • Establishment of R&R habitat with urban facilities while maintaining the rural ambiance
  • Maintain cordial social relation between host and resettled community
  • Special attention to vulnerable groups
  • Grievances redressal
  • Promotion of sustainable livelihood
  • Cultural integration
  • Create a model R&R best practices in the State


  • Transparency in R&R processes
  • Participation of affected communities in R&R
  • planning and implementation
  • Building Trust with affected communities
  • Adhering to Timeline
  • Created a R&R Team
  • Training and Capacity Building

A. Villages and Displacement Status (as on October-2019)

Villages Status
Manoharpur Relocated
Ghumudasan Relocation process is in progress
Kathaphali Affected, will be relocated in Dip-side
Paramanandapur Affected, will be relocated in Dip-side

B. Resettlement and Rehabilitation Package

  • 1. Homestead Land - Ac. 0.10 in R&R colony
  • 2. Assistance for Self-relocation- Rs. 85, 000/-
  • 3. House- 1065 sqft of Pucca House in the R&R Colony
  • 4. House Building Assistance (HBA)- Rs. 6.0 lakhs
  • 5. Assistance for Temporary shed - Rs. 17,000/-
  • 6. Transportation Allowance- Rs. 3400/-
  • 7. Maintenance Allowance- Rs. 3400/- per months 12 months
  • 8. Cash in-lieu of employment.
Category Odisha  R&R Policy, 2006, (in Rs.) Cash compensation Provided
I 7,47,000 17,00,000
II 4,48,000 10,20,000
III 2,99,000 6,80,000
IV, V & VI 1,50,000 3,40,000
  • Annuity Scheme- Rs.3000/- for month for 30 years with biennial increase of Rs. 500/- per month
  • Shop & Service Units- Shops and Kiosk are constructed in the R&R colony
  • Training for Self-employment-

C. R&R Process Cycle

  • 1. Palli Sabha and Gram Sabha
  • 2. Survey and Identification of DFs & AFs
  • 3. Finalization of DFs list entitlement matrix
  • 4. R&R site visit of DFs
  • 5. Collection of R&R preferences
  • 6. Selection of R&R site
  • 7. Exposure visits of DFs
  • 8. Meeting and Discussion with DFs
  • 9. Preparation of Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP)
  • 10. Allotment of House Plots in the R&R colony
  • 11. Construction of Model House
  • 12. Construction of R&R colony
  • 13. Community Monitoring
  • 14. Shifting of DFs to R&R colony
  • 15. Handing over the house possession to Dfs
  • 16. Demolition of structure in old village
  • 17. Release of R&R benefits to DFs
  • 18. Distribution of Patta of Homestead land allotted in R&R colony

D. Infrastructure and Basic Amenities in the R&R Colony

  • 1. Upper Primary School
  • 2. Anganwadi Centres
  • 3. Dispensary
  • 4. Overhead Water Tanks and supply of Pipe Water
  • 5. Electricity Connection
  • 6. Street Lights
  • 7. Solar Lights
  • 8. Black top Road Communication
  • 9. Pucca drainage
  • 10. Community Centre
  • 11. Veterinary Centre
  • 12. Training Centres
  • 13. PDS Centre
  • 14. Market (Weekly Haat)
  • 15. Shops & Kiosk
  • 16. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • 17. Pond
  • 18. Temple
  • 19. Rahas Mandap
  • 20. Gram Devi Pitha
  • 21. Play Ground
  • 22. Crematorium
  • 23. Orchard
  • 24. Outer trench with barbed-wire fencing

E. Sustainable Livelihood

A sustainable livelihood project has been implemented for the project displaced families of village Manoharpur. An expert agency MART has been engaged. The project aimed at to impart required skill development and capacity building training to members of displaced families on various livelihood activities, provide handholding support to establish individual or group entrepreneurial activities and double their income in a span of five years.

  • a. Baseline Survey& Identification of area of intervention
  • b. Counselling of Displaced Persons
  • c. Formation of Groups
  • d. Skill Development Training
  • e. Exposure Visits
  • f. Capacity Building
  • g. Entrepreneurial Activities
  • h. Production of Goods and Services
  • i. Marketing of Goods and Services
  • j. Handholding

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