Community Services

OCPL is undertaking multifarious developmental initiatives for the welfare of the community in the peripheral villages of the project area. The initiatives are designed with the participation of the people. Involving all stakeholders as they do, the action plans that follow are holistic. OCPL emphasizes on the thematic intervention to encourage and foster self-reliance among the communities. The development intervention includes onetime asset creation activity capably buttressed by continuous support to activities for their sustainability. Community Development Activities aim at modestly giving back to the society what the company gets from it. The idea is to create a positive impact in the quality of life of the stakeholders. The different core areas which the Company addresses are as under:

1. Education– Bridging the Gaps
2. Health and Sanitation including Better health for everybody, Safe Drinking water, Conservation of water bodies & Swaccha Bharat Abhijan- Wellness at the Grassroots
3. Rural Infrastructure - Communication
4. Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Development – Opportunity to self sustain
5. Environment- Eco-friendly Plantation and awareness Programmes.
6. Sports & Culture- Promoting the traditional culture

OCPL has constructed the Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital inside the R&R Colony premises at Hemgiri. The hospital was inaugurated by ADM, Sundargarh and dedicated it for the services for Manoharpur area.


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