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OCPL is a state-run company constituted in 2015. The sheer speed with which it came into being bespeaks volumes of its professional approach. Let us have a brief look at its history.

The Odisha Coal and Power Limited (OCPL) gets incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary company of OPGC Ltd (Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited) on 20th January, 2015 with the main objective of mining and supply of coal. Within a fortnight OCPL becomes a Joint Venture Company when Odisha Hydro Power Company Ltd buys 49% of the shares – all pursuant to the Government of Odisha Notification No. 1088 dated 4th February, 2015 and No. 1160 dated 6th February, 2015.

OCPL files application for allotment of Manoharpur and Dip-side Manoharpur Coal Block under the provisions of The Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Second Ordinance, 2014 and is declared as the successful allottee of the said coal blocks on 24th March, 2015. Manoharpur coal block is an explored coal block with a total reserve of 181MT and Dip-side Manoharpur coal block is a regionally explored block with a total reserve of 350 MT.

Nearly a week later, on 30th March to be precise, it signs the Allotment Agreement with the Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal (MoC), Government of India and less than a month later on 28th April furnishes Bank Guarantee (BG) for INR 153.92 crores as Performance Security and deposits first instalment of upfront amount of INR 31.06Crores with Nominated Authority, MoC as per the terms of the Allotment Agreement executed.

Allotment Order of Manoharpur & Dip-side Manoharpur coal blocks is issued on 31st Aug 2015 to OCPL by the Nominated Authority for supply of coal exclusively for OPGC expansion Power Project (Unit 3, 4, 5, & 6), 4 units of 660 MW each at Ib-Thermal Power Station, Banaharpali, Jharsuguda, Odisha.

Here are a few critical milestones achieved with the state-of-the art finesse:

• Stage- I & II Forest Clearance received from MoEF & CC (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change).
• Environment Clearance had been granted by MoEF & CC.
• Mine Plan (Revision-I) and Mine Closure Plan approved.
• Mining lease proposal had been recommended by GoO (Government of Odisha) to MoC, GoI (Government of India) for sanction of Previous Approval.
• PL deed for Dip-side Manoharpur coal block has already been executed with the State Government.

Drilling Agency has been appointed for exploratory drilling in Dip-side Manoharpur coal block and CMPDI (Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Ltd) has been engaged for supervision of drilling operation and preparation of Integrated Geological Report.

KPMG has been engaged for formulating the HR policy.

A small acorn which has just germinated in the land of Lord Jagannath in the year of Naba Kalebar; we are confident a mighty oak will grow out of it.


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