Key persons

Corporate office, Bhubaneswar

Sl. No. Name Designation Email ID
1 Dr. Kshirod Ch. Brahma Chief Executive Officer (I/c.) [email protected]
2 Abodh Kumar Pattjoshi Head of Finance [email protected]
3 Saroj Kumar Kar AGM (Mechanical) [email protected]
4 A Kanungo AGM (Commercial & Contracts) [email protected]
5 Manish Tiwari Company Secretary [email protected]

Site office, Hemgir, Sundergarh

Sl. No. Name Designation Email ID
1 Gandharba Dehury Head of Mines [email protected]
2 Santosh Satpathy Chief of Infra [email protected]
3 Bimal Jena GM (Electrical) [email protected]
4 Nihar Ranjan Satpathy AGM (Mines) [email protected]
5 Dr. Vishy Jagannath DGM (CSR & R/R) [email protected]
6 Praveen Shankar Prasad DGM (CHP-Const.) [email protected]

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